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What mountains do you need to cross?

Whether you're facing a mountain, frozen tundra or the hazardous landscape of "marketing" you're going to need some planning, precise navigation and the right gear to make your trip a success. Like a guide or "sherpa", we're here to help. We know the terrain and the pitfalls that made others stumble and fail. We know the tools available, which ones will work for your situation and which ones are just a waste of time or money. We can pack your gear and help you navigate through the chaos with a clear purpose.

Our approach to working with you

Telling your story is #1

Before you sell anything you need to connect with your audience, and not just with an email blitz or handshake. You need to emotionally connect with people. Stories help do this. Stories define us and draw us in emotionally. Every business has stories to tell - who you are, what you believe in and how you do business. We are talking about stories that are deeply true and so engaging that listeners feel a connection. You can tell your stories in many ways and places. But getting the story right is critical, as much for motivating the employees and owners within a company as the customers and target audience.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Not all marketing outputs are good for all businesses...

unlike some people would have us believe, using the latest social media may not be right for your business or situation.

Our solutions are tailor made for you and your specific situation.

We focus on you, your business, your customers and your goals so we pack up the right combination of outputs that are going to work for you.

No Slight-of-Hand

The hand you shake is the hand you will be working with. In other words, we don't do the "bait-and-switch", getting your business with a senior partner and then handing you off to a junior associate or outsourced 3rd party.

When we partner with you, we make sure a senior partner is available to you. Email us personally and we respond promptly, call us and we answer or return your call, we'll do skype or we'll meet you face-to-face over a cup of coffee... unless of course you live on the other side of the world from us in which case you may have to fly our way.

You're An Active Partner

Our agency cannot "be you", act like you or know your business as well as you do. When we partner with you, you are an active partner not a silent partner.

We believe if your goal is to build trust and relationships then you can't outsource everything... it's a recipe for disaster.

Your participation is vital in our process. The more available you are, the better the process, the better the outputs.

What you think is important

It's a shame that this is something "special" but to many times professional marketing companies fail to actually listen to their clients. We know there are things we don't know and there are things you know that we will never completely understand about your business and your target audience. So we listen. We not only listen we'll trust your judgement when it comes to your target audience. We know about marketing but you know what works with your target audience. We respect that.

We can handle change

We will define a project and set out on a process but we know the unexpected can happen.

Life is messy.

New information revealed in the middle of a project can change everything. Sometimes the best outcomes are a result of changes made midstream.

We plan, prepare, take the necessary precautions and can meet the unexpected head on.

When you have everything in order you win. People call it luck.

~Roald Amundsen

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